Jesus' Report Card

Student: J. CHRIST Form: III Term: 1
Religion D To the question "Who made the world?" persisted in answering 'My dad'. Claims Bible originated from the same source.
English D+ Tends to speak and write in archaic forms and uses outmoded figures of speech.
History A Excellent pupil of ancient and Religious History.
Geography C- Assignment on 'Hot, dry lands' was excellent, but shows little interest in the rest. In geology, keeps talking about the Rock of Ages instead of the ages of Rock.
Social Studies B+ Shows keen interest in social issues.
Mathematics F Lacks basics. Keeps muttering about 'Three in one' and 'I and the Father are one'.
General Science D Lacks disipline - e.g., when asked to repeat the experiment for making hydrogen, claimed he knew a better way.
Graphic Communications D Prefers to draw with a stick in the sand to pencil and paper.
Consumer Education C+ Interesting ideas about alternative life style: Something about living like sparrows and lilies of the fields...too impractical.
Art Craft B Obviously has imagination and creativity, a good potter - likes working with dirt and water.
Material Studies A Excellent in woodwork section. Obviously receives help and stimulation at home.
Music/ Drama B+ A keen member of the school choir. On occasions can be frighteningly dramatic.
Community Living A Keenly interested in all aspects of community.
Physical Education D- A trouble maker - e.g. during the learn-to-swim campaign insisted on trying to walk across the pool.
Health Classes A Shows a remarkable aptitude for first aid and knowledge of the body.
CLASS TEACHER'S COMMENT: This boy has a very unhealthy tendency to form gangs. He has organized twelve of his friends into a gang and is seen constantly in the company of the children of publicans and sinners. He needs to be more selective in his choice of friends. Also, he should learn to keep his hair at a tidy length and not wear sandals with the school uniform.