Leaving so soon?
Oh well, at least let me suggest some other fine places around the 'net whereby you might find some entertainment...

Me Family's Pages: - My dad's site, it rocks your box, whether you have one or not - My sister's site about Human Nature. It may or may not rock your box

Me Mates Sites: - Don's site, entertaining during the HSC, but probably dead now - For now, just pics from Baulko, but it has links to her old site which was also quite good - A neat little popup killer Murray made, give it a look - Gol's Games Domain, about some very good sporting games - Vanessa designed Skulker's official site, lucky bitch... :)

Some True Champion Sites: - As the name suggests, it's a bad website with nothing but good stuff - A site that used to be a game, till Yad & I made it serious & killed everything to do with it - Much like that above, but it was brought back, however, rumour has it the owner died...


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