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Hypefest 2002 (13th April 2002):


    This year's Hypefest promised to be a rather grand occasion, with several local acts taking part (Stelth, Benda, 7 Inches, Burnt, Summerville, Full Ride 20" and Mode 9), as well as the headliners, DJ Scott Baker, and Primary.
    Unfortunately, I was running late, and by the time I arrived, I had missed a couple of bands (Namely Stelth, Benda and Burnt), but I'll give a quick rundown of what I saw, and what I liked. After that I'll give a list of all the junk given to me (I love Freebies, for anyone who doesn't know), and then I'll have my usual bitch about how whilst the idea is good, the Hypefest organisers once again failed to produce a decent event.




The Entertainment:
7 Inches of Fun:
    These guys were quite good, to compare them to someone, without trying to categorise them, I'd say they had a sound similar to that of Sum41.
    They played 6 songs, although, half way through their third song (entitled 'Radio Mix'), there were technical difficulties, as the Microphone, Bass Guitar and one of the Guitars went out. They couldn't seem get them working, but in a brilliant move, they didn't stop playing, they continued playing/singing for a while, and finished a couple of songs with just a Guitar and the Drums coming through the speakers. This went on for awhile before the technicians got the audio working again.
    Overall, very good sound, though, if anything, the Vocalist seemed very overactive, and appeared to imitate Dryden Mitchell, of Alien Ant Farm fame.

    These guys were much more, well, let's say, calmer. They played some softer songs, and had some good acoustics. I didn't really write much about them on the pad I had with me for some reason (No doubt because they were good and I was trying to listen instead...), but they played at the Bull 'n' Bush on Thursday 18th April, though I didn't go to that either...
     All in all, they did have a good sound, and a few good songs, just I can't remember what they were. Pity the reviewer didn't do a better job, then they might have sounded a bit better.

Full Ride 20":
    The only band to acquire 12 year old groupies on the day, Full Ride 20" had several good songs, (Waste of Space, Automation, and others from their EP), the most notable of which (according to crowd interest), was definitely 'Man Boobs', whereby the vocalist came on stage with a set of rubber breasts. A slightly more amusing song then the rest, it's words related to the troubles of a guy coming to accept the fact that he had fairly sizeable boobs... (The classic line was, of course "I'd rather be a guy with man boobs, then a flat chested chick"
    With a sound similar to System Of A Down (In some songs, more than others... They ripped a riff out of Chop Suey for the use in man boobs), They definitely were the better of the bands on the day, and rightly so, they won the band competition.

DJ Scott Baker:
    Probably good under normal circumstances, but, like Fatt Dex last year, the Hypefest team completely fucked it up by talking over the music, and encouraging a 'breakdancing contest', which of course, was shit. Two guys, however weren't bad, but the general stupidity of the event took much away from the talent that Scott Baker has, and it didn't help him much that Mode 9 were starting up halfway through his set, and everyone (including me), ditched the 'Dance Tent' (Dance Tent = A small shaded area, under which the DJ stood...).

Mode 9:
    They played at last years Summer Hypefest, and are still rocking with their orchestrated noise. An excellent group, and a fairly nice way to end the list of local acts.

    The highlight of the day, Primary were definitely worth waiting around for. They played an even mix of songs from their extensive collection, such as (I'm not sure of all the song titles, several are just guesses, based on lyrics and what was said before and after the songs):
        - Vicious Precious
        - Make A Difference
        - Brazilian
        - Supposed To Be Here
        - Young
        - ? (Couldn't Hear What Was Said, The Microphone Wasn't
        - ? (The Microphone was working, I just didn't hear it - it had
             lyrics that went 'I Will Never Come Back Again')
        - ? ("This Is A Song About The Soccer")
        - Misbehaviour
        - ? ('This Is Not For Me')
        - Love Is A Fool
    The Microphone stopped working during 'Young', and the crowd got a bit rowdy, but cheered when Connie stood at the front of the stage, cupped her hands over her mouth and 'shouted' the lyrics instead.
    After 'Young', the technicians tried to fix the Microphone, and doing so, Jason came to the front and played a little acoustic tune for a bit, then they attempted a song, and halfway through, Connie's microphone kicked back in again. Connie's response to the on-again-off-again workings of the microphone? "I Like This, This Is Fun!".


Overall Day:
    As always, the Hypefest did not pay any attention to the complaints filed last time, and continued to keep the exact same style as last year (Continuity was no doubt an important factor), though, several problems still arose:
    - The day was far too hot, not something that the organisers could affect, though, planning could choose a better
      time of year....
    - There was no shade to hide from the sun, so of course, several people no doubt got a bit of a sunburn...
    - The stage was on the side of the field closest to the road, and as such, the sun was directly above the stage for
       most of the day, making it not a fun viewing experience, with the sun in our eyes all damn day...


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