Pov was one of the finest football teams ever to set foot in Parramatta, with a crushing defeat rate of every single game, no one could lose to them. Oh wait, that isn't good. Um, I guess we did pretty poorly, but anyway, here is the site we had during our peak times...

Pov has since withdrawn from competition, and this site has only been left as a tribute to those who lost their money, and those who lost their dignity.

    Pov is a Touch Football team in the Parramatta District Touch Association Competition. Whilst none of the players have any skill, we still vow to put in an absolute piss poor effort, every game.
    Even though, as yet, we have not played any games, we have built up a rivalry with another team in the League, "The Super 8's". Another team from Baulko, with a lot more skill and a team that will probably put in a lot more effort than that of Pov, this team doesn't have a website at the moment, so we can't link to them, but keep a watch out, these guys will do anything to cheat, even if Jeff has to show his penis to the other team (and you know he will!).

Ben Cho, the webpage guy for The Super 8's has decided to steal this site and change the info for their own site.
Within a day of putting up JOL sent me an email, as shown below.

To POV's

       You're goin down like a russian submarine this season


It's either another team, or one of Vas (our Russian player)'s enemies.
As it turns out, it was just Gol, trying to be funny.

Well, we lost our first two games, but be ready for a big comeback.

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