How Kenny Dies

Kenny McCormick is the poorest of the gang, with an alcoholic dad and a rough mole mom. The others often pick him on about his poor state and he dies in nearly every episode. This list tells you exactly how -

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Episode 101 - Cartman Gets An Anal Probe

When Kyle yells at the aliens and throws a rock at them, the spaceship fires a ray at Kenny, knocking him onto the road. When the aliens fly off, Kenny gets up and says ‘No, I’m alright’ then he is trampled by a herd of cows and run over by Officer Barbrady, this time he is dead and Kyle takes off his head to prove it to Cartman. Rats then devour his body.

Episode 102 - Weight Gain 4000

When Mr. Garrison is up at the window of the Book Depository building ready to shoot Kathie Lee Gifford, Cartman gets on stage and it breaks under his weight, so Mr. Garrison shoots Kenny instead of Kathie. Kenny is then catapulted through the air as the stage snaps. Kenny cries ‘Oh my!’ just as he comes down and is skewered on a flagpole. For the next two minutes, Kenny slowly slides down the flag pole and ends up at the bottom of the pole as Officer Barbrady is arresting Mr. Hat and saying ‘You’re lucky you missed Kathie Lee and nobody got hurt’.

Episode 103 - The Volcano Episode

When the volcano erupts, a large lava ball flies up into the air and lands on Kenny, Kenny steps out from behind it and says ‘Nope, I’m okay’, then the lava ball rolls onto him and it looks as if he’s dead this time. Although, later on in the episode, after the lava has flown through the trench into Denver, Stan says ‘Hey look, Kenny’s okay’ and Kenny walks over to them. After Stan kills Scuzzlebutt, Ned says ‘Moh, only now in this late hour do I see the folly of guns. Mmm, I’ll never use a gun again, mmm’, he then drops his gun and it discharges, killing Kenny.

Episode 104 - Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride

During the football match between the Middle Park Cowboys and the South Park Cows, Kenny catches the kick off and starts making a run for the line. It looks as if he’ll score when two Cowboys grab one of his arms each and a third Cowboy dives in, decapitating him and causing the first two to rip off his arms. Play continues and Chef gets mad and yells ‘Hey, come on. That was roughing. At least let us scrape him off the field!’

Episode 105 - An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig

When Stan’s evil genetic clone starts ripping apart the Marsh home, the boys all rush in to try and stop him. The evil Stan knocks Kenny flying into a conveniently open microwave, which conveniently closes and starts to cook Kenny. Later on when Mephesto walks in, Kenny falls out of the microwave, a charred skeleton.

Episode 106 - Death

At many points in this episode when Death is chasing the boys, it looks as though he is going to touch him, (If Death touches anyone, they die). Death is just about to grab Kenny, when he spots a TV on in a store window. Death stands to watch an episode of Terrance and Phillip. Kyle’s mom is successful at getting Terrance and Phillip taken off the air and the TV goes static, with the message ‘We interrupt this program to bring you loud static’. This angers Death and he swings around, hitting Kenny, who came over to watch the TV, killing him. Kenny’s ghost later flies off with Death and the ghost of Great Grandpa Marsh’s ghost.

Episode 107 - Pink Eye

A surprising way to start the episode, the Mir Space Station falls from the sky and lands on Kenny, killing him. When in the morgue, the assisstant makes a mistake and causes Kenny to become a zombie, he goes around attacking the citizens of South Park and turning them into zombies too. Kyle rings a hotline to find out what to do, after finding out, he charges at Kenny with a chainsaw, once again, killing him. Kyle follows this by saying ‘Oh my god! I killed Kenny! You bastard!’

Episode 108 - Damien

During this episode, Damien, the son of Satan, turns Kenny into a duck billed platypus. Kenny walks around for the whole episode quacking. After the fight between Jesus and Satan, Jimbo spots Kenny and says ‘Well Jesus, I definitely learned my lesson. Never bet on evil, cause when you do…Ned, look, there’s a rare duck billed platypus! It’s coming right for us!’ He then opens fire on Kenny, killing him.

Episode 109 - Starvin’ Marvin

Because Kenny’s family is poor, Kenny gets to have a go in the Grab-o-rama, to see what kind of food his family will get for thanksgiving dinner. While in the machine, Kenny is struck by various different cans of food and it looks as if he’s going to be killed, when the machine stops and he comes out. Later on during the fight between the citizens and the turkeys, Kenny is attacked and a turkey rips his eyeball out before the rest kill him totally.

Episode 110 - Mr. Hankey

KENNY LIVES! Kenny doesn’t die in this episode, although he comes close to it. Kenny has to remove wires from a wall socket, while standing in a puddle; he does it with no trouble. He also must remove a Christmas star from above the stage, hanging over a pool with a shark in it. This is also easy. The episode finishes with Kenny yelling ‘Woohoohoo’.

Episode 111 - Tom’s Rhinoplasty

When Ms Ellen is getting attacked by the Iraqi soldiers, she takes one of their scimitars and swings it about, the scimitar slips out of her hand and flies at Kenny, skewering him in the head and pinning him to the back wall of the classroom.

Episode 112 - Mecha Streisand

When Mecha Streisand and Ultra Maltin begin fighting, Chef yells ‘Look out children’ and they all run away. Kenny runs into a playground and starts to play with a tetherball. It spins around and catches him up; it ties him all the way up the pole, strangling him.

Episode 113 - Cartman’s Mom Is A Dirty Slut

At the bus stop, Kenny is trying to start a go-kart. He finally gets the go-kart started and it drags him down the street, screaming. He is dragged through some pine tree before coming to a stop on some train tracks. He gets up and waves to Kyle and Stan; he starts to say he’s okay when a train eradicates him. Later in the episode, on America’s Stupidest Home Videos a video of Kenny is shown and Stan yells ‘Oh my god! They videotaped killing Kenny!’ and Kyle says ‘You bastard!’

Episode 201 - Not Without My Anus

Once again, an episode in which Kenny doesn’t die. The reason for this is the fact that this episode isn’t a South Park episode, but just a Terrance and Phillip movie instead.

Episode 202 - Cartman’s Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut

The second half of the season 1 episode Cartman’s Mom Is A Dirty Slut so Kenny is already dead. But wait! Kenny suddenly appears in the laboratory and the episode goes on. When Mephesto is shot and the power goes out in the hospital, Kenny goes out in the snowy blizzard to find the generator. He can’t find the cable to connect the probes, so he sacrifices his life by connecting the probes with his body. Thanks to Kenny, Mephesto survives and the truth about Cartman’s father can finally be revealed.

Episode 203 - Chicken Lover

During the South Park riots, two South Park citizens topple a car over and it lands on Kenny, Stan is about to yell the oh my god line when Kenny gets out of the car and says he’s okay. Later on, when the Chicken Lover is caught, he shoots and it looks as though it hits Kenny, once again Stan starts to say it when Kenny gets up. During the credits, a picture of Kenny is shown. Then a tree falls on him and kills him.

Episode 204 - Ike’s Wee-Wee

While attending the funeral of the pretend Ike that Kyle made, Kenny falls into an open grave while leaving and a pillar falls in on top of him, then the priest starts to pronounce the eulogy for Kenny and everyone comes over and has a funeral for Kenny.

Episode 205 - Conjoined Foetus Lady

When the South Park dodgeball team wins the national championship, they head to china for the world championships. During the dodgeball game against china, one of the Chinese dodgeball players throws the ball really hard at Kenny and it knocks him flying into a wall, dead.

Episode 206 - The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka

While appearing on Jesus and Pals, everyone in the audience gets up and starts fighting with the people on stage and in the audience. Two guys grab Kenny and pull him in half, killing him. Everyone freezes and looks, Stan cries ‘Oh my god! They killed Kenny!’ and Kyle yells ‘You bastard!’ After this, everyone carries on with the fight

Episode 207 - City On The Edge Of Forever

In this episode Kenny is ripped from the stranded school bus by a large, black monster and eaten. There is also a flashback to an old episode of Happy Days in which the Fonz jumps some cars on his bike, when he lands he hits and kills Kenny. After the flashback, Stan and Kyle laugh at Cartman for making up that stupid scene. But in fact, this is one of those episodes in which Kenny survives, as the whole episode turns out to be Stan’s dream and at the end when Stan is on the phone to Kyle, Kyle says ‘Hey, me and Cartman and Kenny are going down to happy burger. Wanna come?’ Therefore Kenny survives.

Episode 208 - Summer Sucks

When the gigantic ash snake comes crashing down into the bandstand, it looks as if Kenny has been crushed, but he steps out from behind it alive. He starts to tell the others that he is okay when the bleachers fall on him, crushing him this time.

Episode 209 - Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls

When everyone else is inside the theatre complex, Kenny is standing outside playing with a yo-yo. All of the sudden, everyone in the theatre comes charging out in a stampede and Kenny is trampled. One man yells ‘Oh my god! I found a penny!’ and someone else replies ‘You bastard!’

Episode 210 - Chicken Pox

In this episode Kenny has chicken pox the whole time, but it still looks as though he is going to survive another episode. Right at the end, everyone is lying in hospital beds laughing at Cartman’s joke, when Kenny jerks and his heart stops, everyone stops laughing. Stan cries ‘Oh my god! They killed Kenny!’ and Kyle yells ‘You bastard!’ After this, Stan and Kyle start to laugh again. Soon everyone joins in.

Episode 211 - Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods

When Kyle and Stan are fiddling with the controls in the planetarium, they accidently turn it up to the highest setting and Kenny's head explodes.

Episode 212 - Clubhouses

While Kenny and Cartman are having a huge party in their clubhouses with a pile of sixteen year olds, Kenny is squashed under a mosh pit. Cartman gets to say the line 'Oh my god! They killed Kenny!'

Episode 213 - Cow Days

Kenny is killed when he is gorged by a bull

Episode 214 - Chef Aid

Kenny is eaten by old rocker Ozzy Osbourne (who in real life, famously bit the head off a live bat)

Episode 215 - Spooky Fish

Kenny is killed by Stan's murderous fish.

Episode 216 - Merry Christmas Charlie Manson

Kenny is killed when he waves a white flag to surrender Charlie Manson & is shot by police.

Episode 217 - Gnomes

A mining cart full of underpants is dropped on Kenny, killing him


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