The South Park Quiz.

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  1. Is Cartman fat?
  2. Why does Kyle's brother Ike resemble Terrance and Phillip?
  3. What does Kenny’s mother 's T-shirt say?
  4. According to the sign in Chef's cafeteria, School food is… what?
  5. Name four dishes that Cartman’s mother cooks for him.
  6. When Cartman sees crop circles shaped like him, whom does he think it looks like?
  7. What do Stan and Wendy find in Stan's puke?
  8. What does Scuzzlebutt have for a leg?
  9. Where does Cartman first see the ad for Weight Gain 4000?
  10. Is Mr. Garrison gay?
  11. Name the South Park Elementary School football team.
  12. Name the team they play against.
  13. Who sings at half time during the football game?
  14. What is Big Gay Al cooking when Stan visits his Big Gay Animal Sanctuary?
  15. What does the driver of the South Park Special Ed bus wear on his face?
  16. What is Cartman's pig called?
  17. Why is the Stan clone of no use to Mephesto the mad scientist?
  18. What magazine is Cartman's mother on the cover of?
  19. Who sings along with Chef to help get the pig and the elephant in the mood to make sweet love?
  20. How old does Stan's grandpa turn on his birthday?
  21. Why was Kenny late to class one day?
  22. Whose music does Stan's grandpa play to him to demonstrate to him the sheer horror of being old?
  23. What is the initial medical diagnosis of the South Park zombie epidemic?
  24. What poster does Mrs. Cartman hang on her door at Halloween?
  25. What is the name of the educational video that Principal Victoria shows to Cartman in an effort to show him that Nazism is wrong?
  26. Who judges the South Park Halloween costume contest?
  27. How much would Pip pay for a Starvin Marvin?
  28. What does Mephesto show Chef on a microscope slide?
  29. What does Kenny's dad's hat say?
  30. When Cartman is talking to Mr. Garrison, what does he say poor people smell like?
  31. What is the name of the funny little monkey guy who follows Mephesto around?
  32. What canned food item did Kenny get from the canned food drive?
  33. What word does Mr. Hankey write on the mirror in Kyle’s bathroom?
  34. Who performs the South Park Elementary School non-denominational, non-offensive Christmas play?
  35. Where does Cartman say he put Pip’s invitation to his birthday party?
  36. What does Cartman want from Kyle for his birthday?
  37. What does Cartman get from Kyle for his birthday?
  38. What does Principal Victoria recommend Miss Ellen use to control the kids?
  39. What excuse does Mr. Garrison give to the school when he goes to get plastic surgery?
  40. Why does Cartman want to buy Ms Ellen a vacuum cleaner for Valentine's Day?
  41. Which prized possession does Chef keep in the boot of his car?
  42. Who shot Mephesto, as he was about to reveal the identity of Cartman's father?
  43. Which celebrity do the South Park townspeople eat when they get snowed in?
  44. According to guidance counselor Mr. Mackay, what is LSD?
  45. What book do the boys select from the Booktastic Bus?
  46. Why did Officer Barbrady resign from his job?
  47. Who is the South Park Chickenlover?
  48. What is the first book Officer Barbrady reads?
  49. What is Kenny's address?
  50. What is the name of the disorder that afflicts Nurse Gollum?
  51. What are the names of Cartman's four tea party doll friends?
  52. What was the name of Terrance and Phillip's HBC Movie of the Week?
  53. What is Mr. Hat's drink of choice?
  54. The night that Eric Cartman was conceived, who did Mrs. Cartman pair up with before she met his real father?
  55. What is the American Indian term that Chief Running Water uses to describe Mrs. Cartman?
  56. What TV computer game system does Kenny have at home?
  57. What decoration is on Cartman's sleeping bag?
  58. What is the name of the South Park hospital?
  59. What yummy food treat saves Mr. Hankey’s life?
  60. What is the name of the original South Park cartoon that started it all?

Answers -

  1. No. He's big boned.
  2. Because Ike, like Terrance & Phillip, is Canadian - Kyle's family adopted him.
  3. I'm with stupid.
  4. Good food.
  5. Powdered Donut Pancake Surprise, Chocolate Chicken Pot Pie, Cookie Dings and Bee Bee Log.
  6. Tom Selleck.
  7. A french fry, a part of a Cheesy Poof and a hamburger that he ate two days ago.
  8. Patrick Duffy.
  9. While watching Jesus & Pals.
  10. No. He just acts that way to get chicks.
  11. South Park Cows.
  12. Middle Park Cowboys.
  13. John Stamos's older brother, Richard.
  14. Carrot cake.
  15. A surgical mask.
  16. Fluffy.
  17. Because he only has one ass.
  18. Crack whore magazine.
  19. Elton John.
  20. 102.
  21. Because he has explosive diarrhoea.
  22. Enya.
  23. Pink eye.
  24. Richard Nixon.
  25. That Guy Hitler.
  26. Tina Yothers.
  27. He'd pay $50 for one.
  28. Vanessa Redgrave's private parts.
  29. Scotch.
  30. Sour milk.
  31. Kevin.
  32. Green beans - not creamed corn!
  33. NOEL.
  34. New York minimalist composer Philip Glass.
  35. Up his ass.
  36. Red Megaman.
  37. 4nts In The Pants game.
  38. Tear gas.
  39. He told them he had herpes.
  40. "Because chicks love vacuum cleaners".
  41. His Meredith Baxter Birney memorial towel.
  42. His brother - he does it every month.
  43. Eric Roberts.
  44. "A drug made famous by John Lennon and Paul McCartney."
  45. Sabrina Unchained.
  46. Because he's illiterate.
  47. The Booktastic Bus Driver, in a Richard Nixon mask.
  48. Go, Dog, Go.
  49. 635 Avenue De Los Mexicanos on the Lower East Side of South Park.
  50. Conjoined Twin Myslexia.
  51. Polly Prissypants, Clyde Frog, Peter Panda and Rumpelstiltskin.
  52. Not Without My Anus.
  53. A Cosmopolitan (vodka, triple-sec and cranberry juice).
  54. Chief Running Water, Chef and Mr Garrison.
  55. "Bear with Wide Canyon".
  56. Calico vision.
  57. Steve Urkel.
  58. Hell's Pass Hospital.
  59. Chef's salty chocolate balls.
  60. The Spirit of Christmas.

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