What Kenny Says.

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Episode 101 - Cartman Gets An Anal Probe

  1. After Kyle asks Kenny what a dildo is, Kenny says "It’s a little plastic dick that goes in vaginas"
  2. When the boys are discussing how far Stan can get with Wendy, Kenny says "Maybe you can touch her pussy"
  3. When he is hit by the aliens ray and Stan says, "I think Kenny’s okay" Kenny says "No, I, I’m alright. Aaaah!"
  4. When he gets up again, Kenny says, "Nope, I’m fine, Ah!"

Episode 102 - Weight Gain 4000

  1. When Chef is talking about Kathie Lee, Kenny says "Is your penis big?"
  2. When Cartman tells the boys he weighs 94 pounds at the bus stop, Kenny says, "Look at the size of his boobs!"
  3. When Kenny is shot by Mr. Garrison, he says "Oh my"


Episode 103 - The Volcano Episode

  1. After Stan says in the truck "Maybe your mom can give me a kiss too" Kenny says "Maybe she can suck my dick!"
  2. After Kyle gets the flashlight, Kenny says "Hey! What’s that?"
  3. When the rocket is launched into the lake and Ned says it smells, Kenny says "It smells like a vagina"
  4. When Jimbo makes Kenny his honorary nephew, Kenny says "Cool"
  5. When the lava ball lands on Kenny, he says "Nope, I’m okay"
  6. When the lava ball rolls onto Kenny, he says "Ahhh!"
  7. When Kyle says, "Hey look, Kenny’s okay," Kenny says "Hey guys, how’s it goin’?"
  8. When Ned drops his gun and shoots Kenny, he says "Hey"

Episode 104 - Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride

  1. When Sparky is screwing Sylvester’s butt, Kenny says "Oh my god, I think they’re screwing"
  2. After Kyle tries to say Sylvester’s confused, Kenny says "Your dogs fucking guys"
  3. When Cartman says God hates gay people, Kenny says "Anyway, they’re always fucking in the arse"

Episode 105 - An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig

  1. When discussing elephants and pigs, Kenny says "Hey you guys, I talked to Garrison and he told me they’re like the same"
  2. When Mephesto steps up to the boys, Kenny pulls his hood closed and says "Oh no"
  3. When the boys are talking about Stan getting beaten up, Kenny says "Or are you gonna feather your hair"
  4. When Kyle says to use love as a weapon, Kenny says "And I want to take off your bra"
  5. When Mephesto explains about Stan’s clone, Kenny says "A big mutant Stan?"
  6. When Kenny sees Stan’s clone, he says "Oh my god, what’s he doin?"

Episode 106 - Death

  1. When Kenny raises his hand, he says "I have to go fart"
  2. When Mr. Garrison questions Kenny, he says "I did, I gotta go do…"
  3. A while after Kenny comes out, he runs back in yelling "Oh my god!"
  4. A loud fart sound is heard and Kenny says "Ow!"
  5. When Kenny runs into Stan’s bathroom, he says "Oh my god!"
  6. After Terrance farts, Kenny says "Ow!"
  7. When the boys are talking about what is wrong with their parents, Kenny says "Well, what I think, basically, if you let the decision of what you watch be under the parent's control, television suck. Television sucks because parents get offended (I don’t know this bit) a baby sitter for their kids.

Episode 107 - Pink Eye

  1. When Kenny bursts from the grave, he says, "Hey, I'm back, aah!"
  2. When the statue of an angel falls on Kenny, he says "Oh!"

Episode 108 - Damien

  1. When Stan says Damien’s mom is a dog, Kenny says "I said she looks like a fucking bitch"
  2. For the rest of the episode Kenny can only quack, as he is a duck billed platypus.

Episode 109 - Starvin’ Marvin

  1. When they find out about the sports watch, Kenny yells "Woohoo!"
  2. When Stan asks what a vas deferens is, Kenny says "The tube that connects your nuts to your peepee"
  3. When Stan says the watch will come tomorrow, Kenny says "Cool"
  4. When the turkeys go to attack him, Kenny says "Uh oh"

Episode 110 - Mr. Hankey

  1. When the baby Jesus is delivered, Kenny, as an angel says, "It must be a miracle!"
  2. When the bird poops in his mouth, Kenny yells "Hey!"
  3. When Cartman says Kyle’s a disturbed little boy, Kenny says "Kyle’s crazy!"
  4. When Kyle shows the boys the poo, Kenny says "That is the sickest thing I have ever fucking seen"
  5. When Kenny is asked to get the star from above the shark, he says "Huh?"
  6. When Kenny gets the star, he says "Phew"
  7. At the end when Kenny survives, he yells "Woohoohoo!"

Episode 111 - Tom’s Rhinoplasty

  1. When the boys first see Ms Ellen, Kenny says, "Yeah, I'd like to get a piece of her. "
  2. Stan says "You can say that again" and Kenny says "Yeah, I'd like to get a piece of her"
  3. When Chef says "That's ok, you know what they say about women with one arm longer than the other" and Kenny says "Yeah, they can always finger their pussy"
  4. When the boys are discussing how far Stan got with Ms Ellen, Kenny asks "And did you stick it in Miss Ellen's loose vagina?"

Episode 112 - Mecha Streisand

  1. When the boys are making the snowman, Kenny says "Yeah, and I have a marble sack to go with the carrot"
  2. When Kenny is killed, he yells "Oh no! Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, ahhh!"

Episode 113 - Cartman’s Mom Is A Dirty Slut

  1. When the boys comment that Cartman isn’t there, Kenny says "He’s such a fat kid, he can’t make it"
  2. When the boys see Cartman having a tea party, Kenny says, "What the fuck is he doing with the animals and tea?"
  3. When Kenny is dragged by the go-kart, he yells various swear words in pain and desperation
  4. Kenny gets up, waves and says "No, I’m okay guys"
  5. Kyle and Stan wave back and Kenny starts to say "What a fucking…" but a train hits him

Episode 201 - Not Without My Anus

  1. Kenny doesn’t appear in this episode as it is not a regular South Park episode but a Terrance and Phillip special

Episode 202 - Cartman’s Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut

  1. After Mephesto gets shot, Kenny says "Oh my god! They killed Mephesto!"
  2. When team B is made, Kenny says "Huh?"
  3. When the doctor talks to Kenny on the radio, Kenny says "This is team B"
  4. After finding out about the other route, Kenny says, "Are you fucking kidding me, making me walk through that fucking thing?"
  5. When Kenny sees the shelter, he says "Yep, I see it team A"
  6. When Kenny opens the generator, he says "Team A? this is team B"
  7. After the doctor asks about the copper nodes, Kenny says "Roger"
  8. After the doctor asks about the wire connecting them, Kenny says "Nah uh"
  9. When Kenny goes to connect the wires himself, he says "I’ll fucking do it"
  10. When he connects the wires, Kenny screams "Ahhh!"

Episode 203 - Chicken Lover

  1. When Kenny is looking at the book, he says "There’s a lot of hot vaginas and penises"
  2. After a scream is heard, Kenny says "Hey, what’s that?"
  3. Kenny gets up from hitting the wall and says "Oh"
  4. When Cartman is at the door, Kenny says "Hey Cartman"
  5. When Kenny is cheering for his mom, he says "Come on mom, beat him up!"
  6. When Kenny is shot at, he says "Oh, it didn’t even touch me"

Episode 204 - Ike’s Wee-Wee

  1. When Chef arrives, the boys all say "Hey Chef"
  2. When the others are guessing the most important part of a man, Kenny says "Oh, your penis"
  3. When Kenny pulls his hood closed, he says "Oh shit"
  4. When Kenny falls in the grave he says "Oh, Hey you guys, look out"

Episode 205 - Conjoined Foetus Lady

  1. When Kyle is telling the others about the nurse, Kenny says "Eww" a couple of times
  2. When Sheila Broslofski is showing the boys the freak book, Kenny says "Gross"

Episode 206 - The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka

  1. At the end of their presentation, Kenny says "The End"
  2. At detention when Mr. Mackay is talking, Kenny says "Cause your uncle sucks dicks"
  3. When the boys make fun of Jimbo and Ned, Kenny says, "Yeah, they’re a couple of bitch arse mother fuckers!"
  4. When Kenny is pulled apart on the set of Jesus and Pals, he cries "No no no no no no no no!"

Episode 207 - City On The Edge Of Forever   (Originally titled Flashbacks)

  1. When Kenny tells Stan the time, he says "It’s 12:07"
  2. When Kenny remembers about Death, he says "Hey guys, do you remember that time Death was after me?"
  3. He then says "I remember it was a long time ago and Death came on a tricycle and ran us down"
  4. When Kenny attacks Death, he says, "Take that! And that, and that, that! Take that!
  5. After the flashback, Kenny says "Now that’s what I call a sticky situation"
  6. When Stan corrects Kenny, he says "Oh yeah"
  7. When the monster takes him, Kenny says "Hey guys, he’s taken…" It fades as he talks
  8. When Fonzie hits Kenny with the bike, he cries, "Holy fucking!" Then he is killed

Episode 208 - Summer Sucks

  1. When the boys go to buy fireworks, the boys all say "Hey Stu"
  2. When Kenny comes out from behind the snake, he says "Hey guys, I dodged the thing, and it missed me…Aaaah!"

Episode 209 - Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls

  1. When Stan says Wendy isn’t his girlfriend, Kenny says "Yeah, you really puke on her like that"
  2. When the boys are discussing Cartman’s fat arse, Kenny says "Cartman’s arse is so fucking fat that sometimes it takes up the entire projecting room"

Episode 210 - Chicken Pox

  1. When Kenny’s mom calls him out, Kenny says "But mom, I’m fucking sick!"
  2. When Kenny come into the room, he says "Hey you guys, whats going on?"
  3. When Cartman asks Kenny if they have rats, he says "Uh uh"
  4. When Stan says it isn’t healthy to sleep with rats, Kenny says "I don’t think we have rats since we put the fucking ceiling in"

Episode 211 - Robert Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods

  1. Kenny's Haiku says "When I get blowjobs, then I'll cum through discharging, that's the way to fuck"
  2. When Kenny talks about the stars he says "Nothing"
  3. When the lasers come on, Kenny says "Whoa dude"

Episode 212 - Clubhouses

  1. When the others say "Fine", Kenny does too
  2. When Cartman's telling Kenny what to do with Endor Clubhouse, Kenny says "Well why the fuck do I have to do everything when you stand around..." when he is cut-off by Cartman
  3. When Cartman tells Kenny to get the carpet, Kenny says "You fuck, You suck dick"
  4. When Cartman tells Kenny he has to wait for the hot tub he says in a sad voice "Yes sir"
  5. As Kenny and Cartman talk about Endor Clubhouse, Kenny says "Uh huh"
  6. After Cartman says that they need chicks, Kenny says "Yeah!"
  7. After Cartman demands that Kenny goes and finds chicks, Kenny says "Why do I have to go find the chicks?"
  8. When Cartman asks Kenny if he found chicks, Kenny says "Mmm hmm (Meaning Yes)"

Episode 213 - Cow Days

  1. When Kenny pulls out his food stamps he says "What? These?"
  2. When Kyle tells Kenny to give him the food stamps, Kenny says "Nah uh"
  3. When Kyle demands the food stamps, Kenny says "Dude, these are mother fucking food stamps and I don't need to be used right outta these food stamps"
  4. When Cartman's lying on the ground, Kenny says "Oh my god! They killed Cartman!"
  5. After the boys wonder where Cartman is, Kenny says "He ran away"
  6. Stan tells Kenny to go find Cartman and he says "Okay"
  7. When Kenny returns without Cartman, the boys ask where he is and Kenny says "I don't know, I can't find him"
  8. They tell Kenny that he's on in a few minutes and he says "I know, I know!"
  9. When Kenny's about to rescue Cartman, he says "Nah uh, I ain't going in that ring... Aaaah" And he is gored by a bull

Episode 214 - Chef Aid

  1. When Elton John says he'll help the boys out, Kenny say "Hooray!"

Episode 215 - Spookyfish

  1. When Kenny takes more of the blanket from his brother, he says "Give me this"
  2. When Kenny's Mum smacks him, he says "Hey Mum!"
  3. After Kenny's Dad asks if that was Cartman, Kenny says "Uh huh"
  4. When Kenny shows his pumpkin, he says "It's all I could afford"

Episode 216 - Merry Christmas Charlie Manson

  1. When his dad tells him to put spare food in a bag, he says "Okay"
  2. When Charlie asks if he wants to go to a more secluded part of the mall, he says "Okay"
  3. When Charlie says 'Oh, he's... around', Kenny says "Hey guys, let's go"

Episode 217 - Gnomes

  1. When Cartman says that Kenny is happy living on welfare, he says "Fuck you"
  2. While giving the report, he says "To get back to the home owned enterprise"


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